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"I've been following Michael Proffe's Trendsetter Strategy for almost a decade. I truly believe it is one of the best out there. It's very simple to implement and extremely profitable. Thank you for showing us that being successful in the stock market is not sorcery."Dirk U, Proffe’s Trend Portfolio Subscriber


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Proffe's Trend Portfolio is the US version of Michael Proffe's most successful and longest-running publication in Europe. It started with $30,000 in seed capital and turned into more than $1,000,000 in a little more than a decade, through some of the toughest markets we've ever experienced! And it did this with only12 positions (12 stocks and 12 options). 

What to expect as a subscriber

Mid-week every week, Michael sends you his view of the current market and highlights his Proffe’s Trend Portfolio stocks (including open positions), along with buys and sells. He will also update his options positions. These are simple, cautious options trades (no naked puts or calls here, or wildly complicated spreads) to help leverage your gains and hedge your risk. If anything unusual arises that Michael thinks merits an alert, he will send you an email regardless so you can take the appropriate action. 

How has the portfolio performed? 

Proffe’s Trend Portfolio has blown away the S&P and Nasdaq's impressive gain since the start of the global pandemic. It's secret? A 3-step market analysis called the Trendsetter Strategy uses fundamental/technical analysis + behavioral finance to find and replace stocks in the portfolio. For the next 30 days, you can access the portfolio, stock picks, and options strategies absolutely FREE. No credit card required!



The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide

We just released a brand new Options eBook that outlines my Trendsetter strategy and how it can be applied to turbocharge returns without adding the typical risks most options strategies require. As an added bonus for activating your 30-day trial,  you will automatically receive this guide absolutely free. This guide aims to educate investors who want to learn more about options and how I use my strategy to deliver consistent, double-digit returns in our flagship Proffe's Trend Portfolio.